living the dream with author, blogger, and podcaster Wendy Cunningham

Living the Dream with Curveball show

Summary: As an atheist who critically thought her way to faith, Wendy Cunningham believes it’s important to evaluate where our beliefs about God come from as we consider where we might be mistaken. This is Wendy’s first solo book project—she coauthored Success Through Failing—but she's been a writer for as long as she can remember. Her blog, and her podcast by the same name, satisfy her desire to inspire, empower, make people laugh, and share truth boldly. Aside from writing and podcasting, Wendy is an entrepreneur, a wife, and a homeschool mom of three. When they’re not traveling, they’re homesteading on 84 acres in Middle Tennessee. Wendy grew up as an atheist but after meeting and marrying her Christian husband, she was forced to confront and reflect on her beliefs. Why did Wendy believe God wasn't real? How had she come to that conclusion? And most importantly, what if she was wrong? There are usually two types of people in any audience, and she can relate and speak to both personally. The first is the non-believer, the one denying or questioning the existence of God. The second is the believer, the one confident in a faith they want desperately to bring their loved ones into but may not be sure how to effectively navigate such a conversation. Wendy brings a unique perspective as someone who has stood and argued from both perspectives and who has logically thought her way through the common existential questions and stumbling blocks.