Plantlife International, in conversation with CEO Ian Dunn

Cultivating Place show

Summary: Plantlife International is a British conservation charity working nationally and internationally to save threatened wild flowers, plants, and fungi.  With more than 30 years in this work, Plantlife’s members and team of dedicated conservation experts work with landowners, businesses, conservation organizations, community groups and governments, pushing boundaries to save our rarest flora and ensure familiar flowers and plants continue to thrive.  From roadside verge rewilding, to no-mow May, to RuneScape and meadow protection, to conservation campaigning and policy work, Plantlife’s CEO Ian Dunn is with us this week to share more about their goals and strategies – including the important work being done by home gardeners to integrate these goals into the fabric of our everyday lives and spaces. Cultivating Place now has a donate button! We thank you so much for listening over the years and we hope you'll support Cultivating Place. We can't thank you enough for making it possible for this young program to grow even more of these types of conversations. The show is available as a podcast on SoundCloud, iTunes, Google Podcast, and Stitcher. To read more and for many more photos please visit