A Night of Horror~ORIGINAL Texas Chainsaw's Pam & 3x Brahm Stoker Award-Author!

ParaWomen Radio show

Summary:  Show originally aired on 7/9/12. Tonight we speak to 3x Bram Stoker Award Winner, novelest Sara Langan. We delve deep into the socioeconomic meaning behind Cryptozoological Animals, such as Vampires, Zombies and Werewolves. Later, Teri McMinn (the ORIGINAL Pam) from Texas Chainsaw Massacre joins Amy and Beverly. She shares behind the scenes FYI that will blow your lids off! Shannon Overland/Fleckenstien was unable to give us the much loved "ParaWorld News" tonight. Indie music by Each week the women of The League of Extraordinary Paranormal Women bring you Parawomen SCREAM Radio! We feature and spotlight women in the Paranormal and Horror Genres doing Extraordinary things!!