Ep 128: Solo Episode- Mariann Yip- Kicking Season 7 of The City Confessions- Feeling Overwhelmed with Goals- Excitement and Anxiousness in Launching my first Book Un-Hinged


Summary: We are kicking Season 7 strong with a solo episode from your host Mariann Yip! In this episode, I give my quick life updates as we are in the first month of 2022. I talk about my current headspace and discuss the following topics: - feeling overwhelmed with goals and confusion on where and how to start the year - taking a step back to calm anxiety and being strategic and realistic about my goals - announcing my book release for March 1, 2022 and being excited, but also anxious about the launch  I also talk about my word and motto for the year which are expansion and There's no other option. For the most part, I am excited about what this year will bring and as someone who is turning 30 or just turned 30, I am at a great place. If you would like to pre-order my book, Un-Hinged: What I Learned from Saying, "It's You, It's Not Me" in the NYC Dating Scene, you can do so in the below links: Barnes and Noble | Amazon  You can also support me on my personal Instagram and The City Confessions. Feel free to also share this episode with a friend or leave a positive review on iTunes Podcast or Spotify if you feel called to. You can also email any feedback or questions to thecityconfessions@gmail.com.  --- Support this podcast: <a href="https://anchor.fm/thecityconfessions/support" rel="payment">https://anchor.fm/thecityconfessions/support</a>