After the Show Conversation with Joey Krikorian

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Summary: Join us for more conversation with our friend Joey as we get more relaxed and talk about Star Wars, pasta, geology, music, Armenia, and our next episode together and all the things we did not get a chance to talk about (about the root of why things happen the way they do). To contribute to our podcast, you can buy us "a cup of coffee" by leaving us a little something, or a big something ;) here:     Transcript [00:00:00] Matt: And just because this could be interesting, but yes, I want to talk about man and his sense of smell, but that's going to be handled in the next show, which is great. I also wanted to talk about, you know, there is a tradition, an Italian tradition as far as like, um, you know, pasta comes from the far east and the Italians have quote-unquote made it their own so that the, and during the Roman empire, they grabbed spices from everywhere they could grab it from the spice road, for instance, I mean, God, that that's a culture addicted to spice, right? Yeah. Also Joey. I wanted to mention something very interesting. There is a book it's actually two books, the graphic novels it's called "Maus", M A U S [00:00:43] Joey: a hundred percent. [00:00:44] Matt: He actually talks about how his father didn't want to tell his stories. And he actually gets an explanation from his father and then his father completely changes his tune, but very, very powerful series of books. [00:00:57] Joey: I think I want to say something to the first point you've made, which is that I should've said this one thing my Armenian grandfather always did as much as we didn't talk about anything else related to Armenia, anything, anything in the world he would point to and say, Armenians invented that, or that was Armenian pasta, grape leaves. I don't know any, anything, anywhere. That was his go-to thing. And it's like something, it was just part of my. Childhood hearing. Right? So it never, like, it was always just a thing, you know, it was always just a thing in my life. So, uh, I never really asked any questions or anything, but looking back that was pretty fun and entertaining and pretty much the truth. You know what I mean? I get it. I get it. [00:01:46] Matt: And for [00:01:48] Joey: go ahead, go ahead. If we're continuing down that same line. Okay. Well to "Maus". Yes. And what a great book and what a great like. EV everyone should read it. You