living the dream with bestselling author and fractional leadership expert Ben Wolf

Living the Dream with Curveball show

Summary: Do you own a small or midsize business? Wish you could find (and afford) game-changing executive talent to take your business to the next level? Now, you can. Fractional Leadership shows you step-by-step how to land the experienced, been-there-done-that executive talent you thought was out of reach. If you're ready to step up your game in marketing, sales, operations, finance, or technology but you can't justify hiring a top-dollar executive full-time, a fractional leader can help you bridge the gap.Through personal stories and real-world examples, you'll learn exactly what fractional leaders are, how business owners use them to break through the ceilings they hit in their business growth, the kinds of problems that are perfect for them, and how to find the right fractional leader for maximum impact and performance. Stop waiting until you can afford a full-time C-level suite. Engage experts who can break through those challenges and take your business to the next level today. Bestselling author Ben Wolf is the founder and CEO of, the first platform dedicated to referring vetted fractional leaders to small and midsize business owners and leaders.Ben recognized the value of fractional leadership while building operations at a healthcare startup from pre-launch into the largest organization of its type in New York State. Today, he operates Wolfs Edge Consulting, a Fractional Integrator firm for small and midsize businesses, and hosts the podcast Win Win - An Entrepreneurial Community.He lives with his wife and four children in Long Island, New York. Connect with him online at