Enchanted Forest


Summary: <p>Gobble, gobble, y'all. It's the thanks taking edition of MiDDLiNG DeLiGHTS.  ... You're welcome? </p> <p>[00:00] Britton springs a surprise version of the "Sorry, Sucker!" game on Mike, but it's all straight talk with no apologies. But sorry about the confusion with the names anyway.</p> <p>[01:04] Bask in the splendor of the Mo Phillips' original MiDDLiNG DeLiGHTS theme song. </p> <p>[01:47] Host Sean Hutchinson welcomes Britton Taylor, newly-minted Host-in-Training, and introduces the art of swearing. </p> <p>[04:20] Mike Kane gives his show rundown: Guest - Susan Vaslev. Plus, Very Special Correspondent Matthew D. Hutchinson says hello. "Boo Crew" and "Open Mike" nicknames suggested. </p> <p>[06:39] New Audience Member(s) welcomed: Destiny, Leslie, Puddles the Cat, Corbin, and Kelley, thank you for joining us.</p> <p>[09:47] Roger Tofte started working on Enchanted Forest, a family-run amusement park that resides alongside I-5 in Turner, Oregon in 1964. It opened in 1971. Today in 2021, the park celebrates its 50th year of existence. Susan Vaslev, Roger's daughter, composes all the music in the park, writes and directs the plays, and helps keep the independent park running along with her siblings.</p> <p>[14:45] Mike's making MiDDLiNG DeLiGHTS a Facebook page ... ? [Is this real?]</p> <p>[15:52] Interview with Susan Vaslev, Enchanted Forest Artistic Director</p> <p>[33:41] Sean invites Susan to swear.</p> <p>[34:19] Matt's Very Special Correspondent Segment: Big Timber Log Ride theme "Log Flume," original-lyrics version debut! [35:34] Safe word: Waterfall. </p> <p>[38:30] Crew Business: Mike teases Episode 4, storyteller style.</p> <p>[40:47] Happy holidays to Chelsea, Leslie, Destiny, Puddles, Corbin &amp; Kelley!</p> <p>[41:00] Britton promoted to full Host.</p> <p>[41:27] Matt does Big Timber Log Ride, spoken-word version. But first a Juvenile Sasquatch.</p> <p>[43:04] END</p> <p>Songs "Log Flume" and "Fantasy Fountains" used with permission. Thanks, Susan!</p> <p><br></p> <p><br></p> <p><br></p>