20/21 Vision: Election Results, Greenwashing, and Let’s Go Brandon

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Summary: First up: We’ve got a breakdown of what went down in elections all over the country this week, and what it could mean for next year’s midterms.  Next: We’ll get into this week’s other big stories, from the latest on COVID-19 vaccines for kids to workplace vaccine mandates and Facebook’s retreat from facial recognition. Then: Texas’ restrictive abortion law wound up in front of the Supreme Court again this week. We listened in on the arguments — and called up two of our lawyer friends to tell us what’s likely to happen next. Plus: The U.N.’s yearly climate talks around underway — and people keep talking about greenwashing. We’ll explain what it actually is and how you can avoid it. ICYMI: You might have heard someone say “Let’s Go Brandon!” at some point in the last few weeks. Here’s why it probably isn’t aimed at a Brandon near you. Finally: New research finds women are better investors than men. We’ll talk to an expert about why that might be. P.S. Here’s a tool you can use to figure out if your fave clothing company is as sustainable as it says it is, and here’s a tool to help screen your investments. On this episode, you’ll hear from:  Caroline Mala Corbin, professor of law, University of Miami School of Law Seema Mohapatra, visiting professor of law, Southern Methodist University School of Law Debbie Carlson, freelance investing reporter, Marketwatch Elisabeth Schenk, Clean Clothes Campaign, Public Eye Lorna Kapusta , Fidelity Investments Want more Skimm?  Sign up for our free daily newsletter Email us your questions about what’s going on in the news right now  Subscribe and leave us a review wherever you get your podcasts Skimm'd by Alex Carr, Luke Vargas, and Ciara Long. Engineered by Andrew Callaway. TheSkimm’s head of audio is Graelyn Brashear.