The Break-Up - How to Deal

Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt show

Summary:     Friend breakups are just as painful as romantic break-ups. We have some strategies and stories to share that will have you feeling better.  If you enjoy our show, please contribute by leaving us a little something, or a big something ;)   The Break-Up [00:00:00] Fawn: Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Good. All everything. Hi everybody. Hey, I don't know if it's the subject matter today, but I'm in a mood right now. [00:00:13] Matt: Sounds like I'm going to be tapping today. You know [00:00:17] Fawn: what? I don't think. I think no matter what you do right now, it's going to get all my last nerves. [00:00:23] Matt: So if I'm quiet, I'm in trouble. If I talk in trouble. Oh yeah. [00:00:27] Fawn: Everything. Everything is bothering me right now. Um, love LOVE IS WINNING. Um, it's the inner fight within that says I am done. And the other side of you you that is used to this situation or person to the point that stopping is like cutting off a vital part of life. This makes no sense to you cause you have no idea what I'm about to discuss today, right, Matt? [00:00:59] Matt: Well, [00:01:00] I, I guess we'll see, [00:01:02] Fawn: it's kind of like, what I'm about to talk about is kind of. And not kind of, but to me, what I've noticed is actually like a chemical addiction. Uh, today's topic is, are you ready? Matt has no idea. The breakup. [00:01:25] Matt: Yeah. Raise your hand if you've been through a breakup and that your hand, if you went well [00:01:29] Fawn: now, well, I raising my hand. I had one that finally went well and I use it as an nugget of wisdom from Santa Monica. And I'm not talking about like romantic breakup per se. I'm talking about break up in general, breaking up with a friend it is so hard and you think, oh, well it's just a friend, but oh my God, it is incredibly painful. Horrible. So I have some ways that will help with that