Psst, Pass the Popcorn: Horror Movie: Bluebeard

Geeks in Love show

Summary: <p>The 27th episode in the horror movie roulette sees a man tormented by his past transgressions moved by love to be a better person. Oh and John Carradine as a serial killer who is also moved by love to be a better person. Will he succeed? Will love be enough? Will it be a classic? Will it be a dud? </p> <p>Heads up around the 1 hour mark or so, I fastforward through the commercials. </p> <p>Watch:;utm_source=google<br> Visit: and if you're a podcaster who wants sponsors and be sure to write Geeks in Love in the box where it asks how you heard of them!</p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>