Episode 162- Getting past grief and finding acceptance, with autism dad, Brad Sader

Adventures in Autism show

Summary: Today I’m chatting with autism dad, Brad Sader, all about his son, Jack. Jack is 10 years old now and Brad shares their journey up until this point. Brad talks about the early days of Jack’s ASD diagnosis and how it initially came as surprise for him and his wife. Brad explains how he struggled with feelings of grief and how difficult that time was. He also talks about how finding support and community helped him get to a better, more accepting place. Today Jack is thriving and Brad is a very proud dad. I loved this conversation with Brad and I especially appreciated his vulnerability. I think for so many of us, it feels “safer” not to open up and share our true feelings. While I totally understand where that comes from, I truly believe talking about those feelings is part of processing them which leads to healing. Thanks again to Brad for coming on the pod and being so open. I hope you enjoy listening! Connect with Brad: Instagram: @bradsader Sponsored by: Simple Spectrum Supplement https://simplespectrumsupplement.com/ Use code AIA at check out for free shipping! Connect with Megan: IG: @adventuresinautismpod FB: @Adventures In Autism Podcast Email: adventuresinautism2018@yahoo.com Enjoying the show? I would so appreciate your rating & review! --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/megan-carranza/message