1 Year Celebration

Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt show

Summary: We are celebrating one year of talking about the art of friendship around the world. And today we have with us what I promised on the very first show "The Mentor" that explains this whole podcast; that our girls would be in on the episodes. They have been working behind the scenes and the past year have become introverts (can you blame them, with all that's happened in the world the past 2 years?  If you enjoy our show, please contribute by leaving us a little something, or a big something ;) buymeacoffee.com/friendlyspace Birthday episode - TRANSCRIPT [00:00:00] Fawn: Here we are everyone. Hello? Hello. Hi everybody. Welcome to our friendly world. We are celebrating one year of talking about goodness, one year of talking on the air around the world. And today we have with us what I promised on my very first show. I say my, because that shows just me talking our very first episode called the mentor that explains this whole podcast. That's what I meant by my show, but I had promised that it would be the family and the girls would be in on the episodes. And what turned out was they were behind the scenes. They didn't want to talk. They became quite antisocial is not the word for it, but they what's a, what's a, what's the word for it? Introvert. Yeah, but everybody here they are Martine. I promised here they are. Martina has been wanting to hear you guys. So here we are everybody. I'd like to [00:01:00] introduce you all to our lovely littles little ladies. We haveElle: [00:01:06] Elle: hello [00:01:08] Fawn: and Alegra: [00:01:10] Allegra: Whats up? [00:01:11] Fawn: Fabulous. Oh my God. You guys come on. We need to speak. You guys have been very quiet. We've all been very still this , past year. Quite still. We've been very centered. And yet at the same time, we've been making friends from around the world. We've met so many of our family members, family, as in the family that we create a family circle of friends from around the world. There's a list now, that we can truly call family members. I thought we would start the show off today by getting in the word celebration. Are you ready? I wanted to talk about ceremony, but it just seemed so serious. I like the word celebration better and what it is, it's just gathering, it speaks of honoring [00:02:00] of a day or season by appropriate festivities. That celebration. And I want to say, I started to truly celebrate when you and I got together, Matt!. I mean, I would celebrate my birthday, but I wouldn't have parties ever. I would always have my alone spot. It was usually at the channe