living the dream with realtor, philanthropist and life-time baseball fan Jordan Skopp

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Summary: Jordan Skopp is a realtor, philanthropist and life-time baseball fan from Brooklyn, New York. Jordan is leading the fight to enact legislation to eliminate the Baseball Rule, adopted decades ago by courts and a handful of state legislatures, which holds that fans injured by high-speed foul balls cannot receive compensation in court, no matter how badly they are hurt, so long as the home team has taken minimal steps to protect spectators. Jordan is theFounder of www.foulballsafetynow.comdedicated to increasing fan awareness of the dangers of foul ball injuries. Conservative estimates are that 5,000 fans have been injured, many seriously, by foul balls in Major and Minor league ballparks since 2012. Erwin Goldbloom, whose wife was killed by a foul ball at a Los Angeles Dodgers game in 2018, and others have joined Jordan in advocating for proper netting throughout MLB and the minor leagues. Jordan's efforts have received national news coverage in theLos Angeles Times, Boston Globe, ESPN, People,as well as international press in Korea and Japan. He is the author of a forthcoming book about foul ball fan safety. He has interviewed and advocated for victims and families affected by foul ball injuries. He is dedicated to alerting fans and families with small children in an effort to create an "epiphany of awareness and outrage" about the dangers of attending ball games, and exposing MLB's complicity in hiding the risk of life-altering injuries, which Skopp compares to Big Tobacco’s deception efforts.