The Bonsai Tree - On Nature and How We Grow

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Summary:  Bonsai trees are intended to bring the core aspects of nature: balance harmony, and simplicity. It's said that when we consider the natural flow of the environment, these three characteristics, should anything occur to disrupt it (nature) will always restore itself. There is always a natural harmonic balance to things. In looking at the trees and their scale, on so many levels we can realized how much bigger the trees are than manmade structures. And if you look at it, a tree (nature), is way, way, more massive than anything that we make. The act of caring for bonsai trees is nurturing in its profound sense. And when giving from the heart, the giver benefits as much as the receiver. By bonding through nature, the Bonzai plant's meaning is enriched and it becomes our teacher. I thought that was beautiful. And it calls to friendship too; all relationships, by bonding, by bonds, things are enriched and it's a teaching moment. We teach each other. The more we provide and nurture for one, the other also reciprocate, not always in the sense that we expect, but it is going back to that circle. When you care, you are cared for. What you seek is seeking you.  If you enjoy our show, please contribute by leaving us a little something, or a big something ;) TRANSCRIPT [00:00:00] Fawn: Hello, we are here. So are the birds. Can you hear him? [00:00:05] Matt: That's like a Yodel bird. [00:00:06] Fawn: I know there are all kinds of wildlife outside [00:00:12] Matt: and, but we actually have our windows open because it's actually not [00:00:14] Fawn: boiling hot out. Right. I want to say there has been a moving a migration , if you will, of all kinds of wildlife coming to the tree right outside our window, because. The food, the bird seeds, we have chosen. It's a whole new community out there. It's wild. [00:00:34] Matt: And it's waking you up first thing in the morning, isn't it? [00:00:37] Fawn: Well, yeah, I've been having insomnia again, so like right when I go to sleep, then it feels like the birds are like, hello, all kinds. And I don't know what they're saying. They're shouting all kinds of stuff. Speaking of nature, are you ready for today's episode? I'm never ready. Hello friends. Hello everybody. Today, we are talking about how we [00:01:00] grow and the bonsai tree. Are you ready? All right, here we go. So bonsai trees are intended to bring the core aspects of nature and there's three. We have balance harmony. And simplicity. It's said that when we consider the natural flow of the environment, these three characteristics; balance, harmony and simplicity are always present. And if anything occurs to disrupt nature, it will always restore itself. You can take that however way. You know, we talk about how we're messing up the environment or big, so filthy, dirty, irresponsible, best believe nature will take care of itself. The earth will still be here, but it doesn't mean whoever's polluting it will, right. I mean, it can be really, it can really smack you, but it will, [00:02:00] but isn't that the law. Everything that everything will restore itself. [00:02:08] Matt: There is I think a natural harmonic balance to things, but that doesn't mean that that harmonic balance won't completely get flipped on its, butt supposedly and God knows it hasn't happened certainly in our lifetimes. And it probably won't in subsequent lifetimes, but magnetic north sometimes flips to the south pole. Yes. What the heck? Well, that seems very out of bounds. [00:02:32] Fawn: But things move right? You need to flip and move, but then there's no harmony, but isn't that the whole cycle of the cir