Tape Three (Letters I Never Sent)

Lost Notes from Underground show

Summary: The cassette of this recording was found in a little cardboard box that this dude tried to lock with chains, lol.  I have no clue whom he is talking about. Freya, I heard that name in some game, probably means Goddess of love, I think. Well, whatever it be, doesn't really matter, poems can't help you not sleep on an empty stomach. Stagnation, "Marinating in mediocrity", never losing hope, and more such things are uttered by him. I didn't really pay much attention to what he actually was saying while I was converting it into an e-format, but from what little I heard, this guy is kind of really hypocritical. He contradicts every other thing he says. And this makes me think he only wanted to be like Franz Kafka and ask his tapes to be burned because he knew no one would really be interested in him. Well, I am, because he kind of makes me feel better about myself.