Corporate Fascism: Biden Calls On Companies To Force Vaccine On Employees Amid FDA Approval - War Room - 2021-August 23, Monday

War Room show

Summary: Epic Monday broadcast as Harrison Smith sits in the driver seat while Owen Shroyer turned himself into authorities today after a warrant was issued for his arrest. Harrison covers the latest in medical tyranny now sweeping Australia and reveals how those same policies may soon come to America.... In the second hour, Harrison explores the characteristics of people who cheer for the loss of liberties, while feeling like the enlightened ones. Harrison also asks, why are the most vaccinated areas experiencing the highest numbers of covid spikes? In the third hour, Harrison covers the newest story about Afghanistan refugees, involving our US border patrol agents. To close out the show, Harrison speaks on principles and beauty in architecture. <br><br>GUESTS<br><br>OWEN SHROYER