What If? / Black Goliath

Worst Collection Ever show

Summary: On this week's show, Jen and Shawn discuss: What If? [vol 1] #37 (1983) "What If The Thing Continued to Mutate?" Topics include: - yarn bombs - Mister Fantastic commits “scientifical negligence” - Ben Grimm has a Tommy Wiseau moment - Johnny Storm is a road flare - Black Goliath is the founder of Jamba Juice - Motley Crue music videos - Dee Snider and WE HATE MOVIES’s Stephen Sajdak visit Ben Grimm in Staten Island Also, Shawn probably refers to Black Goliath as "Ben Foster" instead of "Bill Foster" a bunch by accident. Sorry to Black Goliath and actor Ben Foster for the confusion. Please rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! Also, we now have an email address for the podcast. Send us messages at worstcollectionever@gmail.com Continue the conversation on Twitter @angryheroshawn and @JenStansfield