living the dream with audio description narrator Roy Samuelson

Living the Dream with Curveball show

Summary: A sports announcer gives the play by play of what’s happening on the field. Like that announcer, blind and sighted audio description narrators give the play by play of the visuals of a movie or tv show. And with that, Blind and low vision audiences enjoy tv shows and movies can enjoy this experience in parity to sighted audiences.Audio description can be in parity to sighted audiences. Instead of seeing this as “how cheap we can make it” - the culture is pivoting to how great we can make it, as the value of the many roles of audio description.Roy Samuelson has voiced as an audio description narrator over 1000 titles, and each one has been influenced by blind advisors, directors, engineers, and many others. With a focus on collaboration and inclusion, Roy showcases his passion and drive for performing this work with respect for audiences, providers, and the other roles in the creation of this audio adaptation of the visuals.attached image alt: wearing a deni