living the dream with author, speaker, and extra mile day creator shawn anderson

Living the Dream with Curveball show

Summary: There are 10,000 "motivational gurus" great at talking about making money, serving others, being mindful, finding purpose, living with harmony, overcoming obstacles...and living the life they love.But are they DOING it?Shawn Anderson is.1. Seven books written (80,000+ copies sold), and have hit #1 on Amazon in "Motivation" and "Self Help" several times.2. Created national movements. Founder of "Extra Mile Day" (11/1)...a day recognizing volunteers heroes who "go the extra mile" in making a difference. On 11/1/20, 512 cities across America participated (all 50 states).3. Reached hundreds of thousands with speaking and writing...including a speaking tour in the Philippines attended by 20,000+ people.4. Created adventures in 50+ countries...including having walked across seven countries since 2014. (I've also pedaled a bike ocean-to-ocean across the U.S. solo...twice.)5. Lifetime entrepreneur now privileged to not worry about making money, but only on making a difference.With gratitude...S.