living the dream with author and pastor Aleechea Pitts

Living the Dream with Curveball show

Summary: On this episode of living the dream with Curveball I am joined by Aleechea Pitts. Who is Known as a self-help spiritual guru, 5 time author, speaker, mentor & active listening practioner (chaplain). |Aleechea has extensive training in Biblical Counseling which makes me effective in reaching out to others. Having survived childhood abuse, gun-violence as a kid, rejection over and again, living life of a broken vessel, Aleechea became the Useful Vessel that is not only author of multiple books, a renowned speaker, working for social services, musician and singer but also a leader of change for the wider community. She helps others by sharing my story.I am an instrument of God's love and love caring for people God's way. Survivor is an understatement. She is living a life with clarity, truth, courage and resilience. She has come into God Confidence. Her passion is to help people discover their heart and put them in the position of wholeness. Aleechea is not here to preach to you or to judge you, her calling is only to help with an approach that is biblically centered. If you feel that Christian counseling could help you, contact her today. She have experience & can provide guidance & assistance for a wide variety of issues.