Life Lessons - You Hear me? You Feel Me? Do You Smell What I'm Steppin' In? With Lyrics and Lattes

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Summary: We welcome Jason Wallace and Trevor DeSaussure from the podcast, Lyrics and Lattes. And these guys are so lovely, inspiring, upbeat, positive, and so deep. They gift their listeners with wisdom, so many life lessons; provide perfect self-development though breaking down lyrics of hip hop. Instagram:     Transcript [00:00:00] Fawn: [00:00:00] Hello? Hello. Hello everyone. Welcome to our friendly world. Very special guests today. I am really excited.  Listen to this. " The art of a people is a true mirror to the minds."- Jawaharlal Nehru.  Here's another one by Georgia. O'Keeffe: "I found, I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way -things I had no words for." And then Leonardo da Vinci: " Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt. And poetry is painting. That is felt rather than seen. "  Today we have two amazing, amazing men here. And their podcast is just, I think the best podcast I've ever heard. Matt: [00:00:55] It's a great name. Isn't it?  The podcast is called Lyrics and [00:01:00] Lattes. And these guys are so lovely and so inspiring and so upbeat and so positive and so deep. They have so much wisdom, so many life lessons to help us with, so much self-development, tips from your favorite hip hop songs, they break lyrics down. And it's like, for me, it's like going back to school when I had the most amazing teachers break down Hemingway and, you know, things that kind of like I would read, but they would go over my head and then the, the, the professor would break it down and say, what do you think this person meant by this sentence or this one word? Or, you know, and, and we would spend hours talking about one sentence and it transformed my entire life. This is what Jason and Trevor do, [00:02:00] Jason Wallace and Trevor DeSaussure Trevor, am I pronouncing your last name? Right? The Trevor: [00:02:06] first person to ever get that right on the first try. Fawn: [00:02:11] So everyone friends out there, please help us welcome Jason and Trevor from the podcast Lyrics and Lattes. Ah, it is, I, I am so glad I met you guys. We met at Podfest. They did a presentation and, uh, I, I was flying. I was so I'm still so excited. And this was what? A week ago? Two weeks ago. When was it? I don't even remember, but I am forever transformed and so uplifted.  I'm just so excited by these people. Right. Let's get to all right. All right. So today's subject is going to sound like it's not upbeat at all, but Trevor and Jason have a really great [00:03:00] pulse. Like they have, what do you call what's the term when they have a pulse on society? Is that the term? Yeah. Yeah, they have that. So they break down these amazing songs and, and really help you in life. They're amazing coaches. So, first of all, I guess I should say welcome Trevor and Jason, Hello! Trevor: [00:03:23] That was one heck of an intro. Thanks for having me. Jason: [00:03:26] We got to really deliver now. Don't we? Fawn: [00:03:31] I love you guys. And you were so funny. Did I mention they're funny, please check them out. They are hysterically funny, right? No, absolutely. Um, so today's topic guys is society's greatest pain, greatest challenge.  We talk about art all the time. I talk about art, you know, art. My background is that you're also an artist, Matt. I never, I never considered computer programming and math and all of [00:04:00] that to be an art form, but it really is. It's in, and it's i