EPS 18- Did you say "I DO" to an unbeliever? 5 Truth Living with a faithless Spouse & How to COPE as a Christian wife or husband!

The Vertical Relationship Show: Relationship Goals, Biblical Counseling, Dating Advice, Christian Marriage & Healing Trauma show

Summary: <p>Have you found yourself in this position? Give yourself permission for God's grace. Chin up, my friends! GOD can do anything through a marriage. We always have to go back to God's Word and not what others are saying…right? Let's hash out 5 truths living with an unbeliever and how to cope as a Christian wife or husband.</p> <p>Blessings xo-</p> <p>Podcast Insider- <a href="https://meliadiana.com/podcast/">https://meliadiana.com/podcast</a></p> <p>Community- <a href="https://bit.ly/wowswomen">https://bit.ly/wowswomen</a> </p> <p>My Books- <a href="https://meliadiana.com/books/">https://meliadiana.com/books</a></p> <p>Domestic Violence Hotline #1-800-799-7233</p> <p> </p>