Drive by Night Show #22

Drive by Night Show show

Summary: <p>Get your Drive by Night Show merch right here!  Drive by Night Show is a drive around call in talk show.  Watch the show live on TikTok at  Thursdays from 8pm to 11pm central time.  Episode number 22 starts with  Texas, the first caller tells me how they found a flash drive on the  ground and they were curious as to where it came from.  New Jersey calls  in and asks me if I've ever heard about gay frogs.  Gabe from Florida  calls in and wants to have another conference call with our friend from  New York and they talk more about cars.    Alabama calls in  hyperventilating because he did something inappropriate with his sister.    Kitty from California calls in and we talk about taking an Uber for  the right reasons.  New York calls in and doesn't have much to say.   Wyoming calls in and talks about moving from Chicago to the middle of  nowhere.  Iowa calls in back to back and both calls are terrible.   Gorilla Guy calls in and we talk for over an hour.  Maine calls in and  yells into the phone. Dalton calls in and let's us know he is now able  to go live and he went fishing.  Jose enters the chat and he's not happy  about anything that's going on in the show.  Jose decides to call in  and let us know his feelings.  Kentucky calls in and wants to tell a  dirty joke but we cut it off.   Finally, I give a little commentary on  the state of the show and sign off.</p> --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. <a href=""></a>