John McAfee Found DEAD In Prison After Approved For Extradition - War Room - 2021-Jun-23, Wednesday

War Room show

Summary: Multiple breaking news stories today as the War Room goes live. John McAfee is suicided in prison Jeffrey Epstein style and the media goes right along with the big lie. Joe Biden, while fumbling and bumbling through a press conference today, threatens 2nd Amendment activists with nuclear weapons. Jill Biden gets booed in Tennessee for scolding citizens for not getting vaccinated. Bryson Gray joins to discuss his tracks being banned from Spotify. Cara Castronuova joins to discuss her upcoming rallies demanding the government relinquish it’s hold on American citizens being held in jail for January 6th. Owen Shroyer reads off a list of all the transgender athletes dominating women’s sports.<br><br>GUESTS:<br><br>Bryson Gray / Cara Castronuova