Trump Arrives At Texas Border As Biden Human Smuggling Operation Is Exposed - War Room - 2021-Jun-30, Wednesday

War Room show

Summary: Owen Shroyer launches today’s broadcast with the latest insanity and gaslighting propaganda coming from the left as they claim Republicans want to defund police. Owen talks to a Texas attorney, Paul Davis, about his lawsuit to fight for election integrity in the 2020 election. Then Dr. Jane Ruby joins in the second hour with Laura Loomer to have a discussion about why although Florida is more free than most states, Floridians must still fight for basic freedoms. In the third hour, Dr. Jane Ruby covers more myocarditis news, the mystery of the ‘magneto’ protein, and ‘Graphite Oxide’.<br><br>GUEST(S):<br><br>Paul Davis / Dr. Jane Ruby / Laura Loomer