CONNECTED – Roundtable #5 – The Art of Creativity and Compassion

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Summary: What are the guiding emotions of our society are right now? What did we do when we had no parameters of time when we were children; when there were no instructions other than to go and do? Who is the real you? What does it mean to feel like YOU? When did you feel most like YOU? What are some examples of “Happy Places”? What are the words, sounds, colors, scents, movements associated with your place of honor and happiness? What is the true definition of art? What are some ways to express what is in our realm of life and can we get key insights that are right before our eyes that we may have been oblivious to? This roundtable comes from a gathering session (one of KJ’s wonderful online courses) led by our brilliant KJ Nasrul where she guided us through our emotions using art. What transpired was this roundtable discussing in depth the art of creativity and compassion. KJ provides guidance and support for this very healing episode.   TRANSCRIPT: [00:00:00] Fawn: [00:00:00] Hello, everybody. Welcome to connected where we are all interconnected and we're finding out ways in which we are. Today we have our beautiful friends. We have Paul ,Beth, Katy, and KJ today. Matt: [00:00:17]  AND Matt!  Fawn: [00:00:18] I'm sorry, babe. I'm sorry. Matt is here too. Everybody .Love is winning.  Today we are focusing on compassion, expression, emotion, creativity, in celebration of our friend KJ who's a psychotherapist and this amazing healer. Most of us just came off of one of her sessions she did with us a gathering. We had a gathering of creativity and compassion. So with that, I looked up the word art. And it's weird because I've been an artist most of my life, but everyone always freaks out on the [00:01:00] definition of it.  I'm a photographer and a lot of people don't consider that art.  I found that very bizarre, but here's what it is. It's a noun, the expression or application of human, creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or a sculpture producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Do you see that it doesn't even put music in there or poetry? Matt: [00:01:30] I was going to call that out right away. Yeah. Um, or dance, I mean, or literature, which is poetry too. I mean, definitions are very weird. And also how we define ourselves, how we define our societies, how we define our self-worth how we define everything. I mean, my goodness, there's so much, there's so much. And so let's start off with KJ KJ. [00:02:00] Please tell everyone out there what we just went through like our, about our gathering. That didn't sound right. Tell everyone about our session with you because I went through a lot. I really went through a lot. I'm still trying to understand what the heck happened with my head. KJ: [00:02:19] Oh, um, goodness. Well, thank you. By the way, for inviting me to speak a little bit about it.  The gathering that we just experienced earlier today was my invitation for folks to actually first define and identify what they do believe art and expression and compassion mean. And what I found over the years  of doing this research is that what you highlighted when we started this episode, Fawn is that there are clear cut definitions that we [00:03:00] have definitely embraced and I was curious as to where that came from and the hope of this gathering these meetings are to help folks redefine. So identify what we believe is creativity and expression and health and, and art and compassion and self care.  And then maybe redefine with our new and  current ways of being. And I encourage it from an embodied sense. So the way that we wrapped up our meeting was, I asked peopl