#27 - Defining a successful research plan - with Perry Birbrager - UXR lead

Users First - a UX Design Podcast show

Summary: I am back to the podcast after a couple of months off and it feels awesome! Took this opportunity to ask Perry Birbrager, UXR lead in Atlanta, about his work methods and what helps him define a successful research/design plan. Key highlights from our episode: • Interpersonal skills to be a designer/researcher • How the needs of the person meet the needs of the business • Research's Impact on Businesses • How to define a successful research plan by identifying risks and set expectations from the beginning of a project • Choose the right method & define objectives • Tips for new researchers and UXers. • Keep the team involved with scoping workshops Suggested resources by Perry: "Mixed Methods", a user experience research podcast, & "Toast Masters" to help you master your public speaking skills