Episode 413: Bo Buchi, Clinical Therapist, Disciple of Christ, Solving Porn

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: My friend Bo Buchi (masters degree, licensed clinical therapist) talks about his role as a therapist to help clients use the Gospel of Jesus Christ to improve their lives (including ending pornography use and living the law of chastity). Bo also talks about listening to the right voices (our leaders, scriptures) to make the hard decisions to improve our lives. Bo explains the psychological principle of dissonance and how it relates to the Gospel and healing from spiritual illness. In addition to this podcast to help solve porn, please listen to episode 347 where Bo and Hayden Paul talk about Bo’s role as his therapist to end porn use. Thank you Bo for being on the podcast and your bold voice of truth in a confusing/noisy world. You are helping many. You can reach Bo at BoBuchiMHC@gmail.com or CobaltCounselor.com