Prosperare (Prosperity)

Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt show

Summary: Show notes #26 Prosperare Nugget of wisdom from Santa Monica – receiving a treat through your window, just exactly when you need it. Prosperity – PRO= towards Spera=hope spera. sperare Verb = hope for, hope.  Looking at prosperity. Pro pro means towards. Sparity Comes from Spera it's  Latin, Spera means hope. Prosperity, if we break it down means towards hope.   My question is how can we look towards hope? What is prosperity? Fawn: “Prosperity is a universe inside of you. Do not look outside at other people. When you find yourself looking at your friends and feeling like you're left out, that right there is the opposite of prosperity. That is scarcity.” ???:  How can we go from hopeless to hopeful? How can we go from feeling left out, shut out and uncared for to realizing a muffin flying through your window? Fawn: “You can use scarcity as a tool. You can use it as anger for fuel, enough to get you to a point where you're realizing you're not where you want to be. That's okay. When you feel that, instead of continuing on with that feeling of jealousy or hopelessness, we can use that feeling to get to our own core and find what we need. If I find myself feeling left out like that, that left out feeling, I'll go in the bed under the blankets and maybe have a good cry, go inside and think about my own universe; the universe inside of me. That's where my genius is. That is where it is for all of us.  It’s at that center where it all gets activated. Some people call that place “the unknown” “the void”; a place where the focus is not on anything or anyone else but it is where genius is. The universe at your core will begin to magnify. From there, anything you focus on becomes activated becomes a magnet for your greatest desires, guaranteed. That's how I get my mind into the mode of prosperity. I either bake cupcakes or have a good cry. I rebuild my universe inside of myself.”   Matt: “Now you see, the way I come to it is I like to surround myself with wonderful people and I've been very blessed knock on wood that I've been able to do this with both my friends and my family. And for me, when I hear about one of my friends doing something awesome, I'm very stoked for them. I'm extremely stoked for them. And typically I want to find out, well, how did it happen? Because maybe there's a template in it that I could follow, or at least it gives me a better understanding of them as a person. Now, when I feel down and everybody does it, it depends on the type of down obviously. But, if it's specifically related to work, I find one of the easiest ways for me to feel better is for me to go through my list of past accomplishments.   And I've done some (in my mind at least) pretty amazing things as a software developer, as you all know. I build things from nothing. So it's just kind of like, it's almost like imposing your will upon a blank sheet of paper and making something that you can be very happy with, or that someone else can be very happy with because maybe you're creating it for someone else. And so that process, that creative process is very hard to not make you feel like this, a limitless abundance out there because you realize the I. When I first started working on this, I was a complete idiot. And then I figured stuff out and I got a little smarter and a little smarter and a little smarter, a little smarter until, “wow, I did this really amazing thing.” If it comes down to less of , a work-related and more of a,  financial , kind of world then I look at the things that I do have, those material possessions , and I see the wealth and the places I've chosen to invest my money as it were. And  I look at my rack of music. I look at m