Friends with Money with Farnoosh Torabi

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Summary: Show notes #29 Friends with Money with Farnoosh Torabi We have Farnoosh Torabi, an honored friend, American journalist, author, television personality, and personal finance expert, as our guest this week. With Farnoosh’s wisdom, things are illuminated! As Matt, Fawn, and Farnoosh converse together, Fawn realizes that some of us (she and some of her friends) live in a state of purgatory with money. We are trapped and confined to a memory or experience with money that unless we switch our thinking and snap out of, we’ll stay in hell instead of moving on, thriving, having fun, enjoying life, and creating the lives we want to be living. We explore the concept of friends with money, by not only talking about how friendships affect economy, but also how to make friends with money as an entity in Fawn’s case, because she feels mad at money (like money is this friend that has shut her out and she wants to be in that inner circle again), longs to be friends with it and get over a world of pain she experienced with it. Farnoosh creates a path to a major transformation for Fawn and Matt (listen to the very end after Farnoosh signs off) as they talk about what transpired after the show because of their time together with Farnoosh. There was not only a major money shift, but a miraculous friend connection with someone they were talking about on the show. Tune in! Some memorable and noteworthy quotes from this episode: “Oh shit, the universe was listening. I was like; I told the universe I was going to marry this guy eight years ago. It didn't forget.” “Listen, you're putting too much on money. Money is not anything. It's a rock. It's air. It's nothing, you know? It doesn't have opinions. It doesn't judge. It doesn't!” “It's not about you versus money or money versus you. It's like; who do I want to be? What is the impact that I want to make in the world? What is it that I love about myself that I want to amplify, and what I want to really contribute in a bigger way, and how can money be the tool for me to that end? And that is it. Money is YOUR servant. You don't serve money. Can you guess who said them? (It’s Farnoosh Torabi)   Minute 40:53 Farnoosh tells an inspiring story about overcoming money adversity.    To support Our FriendlyWorld with Fawn and Matt podcast, please leave us a review on iTunes! Keep in touch: