CONNECTED - Roundtable #1 - A Kind World

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Summary: Sometimes the world can seem unbearable. Today, beyond introducing you to new friends, I want to focus on one thing we have witnessed on earth, to hopefully give light and encouragement for all of us to look towards the beauty and magic out there. This is our first roundtable with great friends to introduce you to from around the world.     Transcript [00:00:00] music Fawn, and Matt: [00:00:00] Hello friends. Welcome to our friendly world. This is, this is Fawn and Matt, we are starting something new today. It's a series that we're calling connected. It's all about how we are all interconnected. We have a round table here. We're going to do this every week. We're going to have amazing friends. And we're all from different walks of life. We're all quite different. We all have different jobs on this planet. And the whole point is to make our circle grow, to make our friendship circle grow. Most of us here have never, ever met one another in person and we all have different takes on life.  Today we're starting this whole thing. This is our very, very first episode. And when you scroll through every episode will be called "CONNECTED", followed by [00:01:00] or word, and today's word is kindness.    To start off, I want to talk about our connections to one another. What we're starting here with this round table is much bigger than this little episode. What we're doing is we're going to start conversations, having to do with everything in life, from money to you, name it. And everyone here at this round table has their particular expertise. And if you're out there listening and you want to join us, please  send me an email. And we'll, we'll gladly, gladly accept you into the round table. We're sitting here right now at our kitchen table, and we're surrounded by some amazing friends.  We have Beth Hewitt, Dr. Nii Darko. We have KJ Nasrul. [00:02:00] We have our beautiful friend, Katie, our beautiful friend, Paul, and some of them you've heard on our episodes before there are other people coming next week. Kindness. What is that? That's our theme today and I'm here to bring all the aspects of life together. We're all touched by money. We're all touched by health, where we all have our rituals. We have life and we share a life together. The truth is that we are all connected. And that is this whole topic. This whole topic of connection is that it's to have a get together. Are interconnected family. We're going to converse about it as friends. We all have different perspectives. I'm sure if we really got into this deep, I'm sure whoever's at the table. We all have different political beliefs. We have different ideas. We've all seen different things [00:03:00] walking on the earth. And the point is to practice conversation. Sometimes it may become uncomfortable, but we're in the comfort of our home. All of us right now. And you're home. You are ourhome, you are my home. We are friends. And no matter what you say, it will be treated with respect. You will be treated with respect and you will be heard. And I think that's the key these days. It's the key always is to hear each other, to see each other and to be heard. And that's what this is all about.  Thank you. Thank you friends for being with us today. , I have, we've all walked, walked the earth for awhile. I'm going to start with a little question and then. I'm going to let that question sit for awhile and then I'm going to have everyone introduce [00:04:00] themselves. The question today is, so we've all been on the earth for awhile. We've all walked the earth and we've all seen somethings. And I really like, I know most of you here. I know all of you here, but what I admire about everybody here is you all are so positive. And the way you describe things is quite beautiful. I'm a phot