CONNECTED - Roundtable #3 Visualize This

Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt show

Summary:   Roundtable #3 Today we celebrate our friend, Beth Hewitt’s book “The Power of Scripting” which teaches exactly how to go about having the life we dream of. We speak of visualization and the utter joy and delight of a moment. We also come together to create a vision for a better world. QUOTE HALL OF FAME FROM THIS EPISODE: KJ quote: “…things are pretty, pretty wonky and bananas right now on many levels, but also on so many levels and intimate levels in the kitchen of our homes are these miracles that are happening.” Paul: “…in the past three years of my life, when I got clean and sober off drugs and alcohol, my life has just flourished into my dreams coming true. You know, my mind just forgets that so quickly, so I just have to challenge that mind every day… KJ: …the grace to ask; the grace to pause and notice (as Beth had mentioned, and we've mentioned in the conversation before) the grace and space to notice that you have within your five, six senses, everything you need to manifest and bring, forth. So my hope and holding for us, each other, and the world, is the permission and the kindness and the grace and the space to ask for it. We learn Katy overcame MS at an early age with the help of visualization. Learn how Katy and Nii came to the point where they could call the shots of how they work and when they work and how that has been an extremely powerful thing for them in their careers. Find out a visualization technique Paul used to become sober and get clarity. Nii explains the importance of understanding that you can create money without you having to trade time for dollars, and that money is just a tool that has nothing to do with accumulating money, but it really is about the experience of a quality of life.   TRANSCRIPT: [00:00:00] Fawn: [00:00:00] Hello, everyone. Hello friends. This is connected. We have a round table show called connected. Here we are. This is it. Here we are. We are with a group of friends here to discuss how truly interconnected we all are. Today's subject is the power of visualization. What we are creating for each other, what we are creating in our lives, the power of the word, the power of visualization. Basically. Matt, did I miss something? Matt: [00:00:36] No, you didn't miss a darn thing, Fawn: [00:00:38] are you sure? Matt: [00:00:38] Pretty sure. Fawn: [00:00:39] Okay. So for example, years ago, Matt and I, it was one I was born. Was Allegra born back then, do you know what I'm going to talk about? The coffee, the coffee. Where are we with Allegra? That it doesn't matter. Anyway, I digress. So we're, we're getting coffee. We're on Bainbridge Island and we were [00:01:00] parents.  I think Allegra was just born too, but the only outings we would have would be to Town & Country Market .Town and Country Market is actually quite famous because, , it is a store. Help me out, Matt, you want to jump in there? , it's a family owned store, a Japanese family. During the 1940s, the government decided to . Yeah. Bainbridge Island has a dubious honor. Terrible honor of being the first place where they actually, during World War II, took Japanese families and dragged them to internment camps.  (sarcasticly) Awesome. Really great legacy. And so Town & Country was a family owned business, Japanese owned business. They were taken away. And all the people that worked at Town & Country formed banded together, came together and sustained this beautiful market. And this market is [00:02:00] the most amazing center of the entire