living the dream with healthcare expert Eva Minkoff

Living the Dream with Curveball show

Summary: Eva enjoys passionate story telling around relationship dynamics. She often compare doctor-patient relationships to romantic ones. People seem to love it. Eva has a TED Talk on it that will be published soon. Eva Minkoff’s ten years of career experience in healthcare and lifetime of chronic patient experience has motivated her to pursue health system reform through championing effective patient-practitioner relationships. Eva is the co-founder of Invisible Not Broken, a podcast network for chronic illness, disability and other health topics. She is also the host of Humancare, a podcast and organization that supports her mission to improve global health through self-reflection and human connection. Eva holds degrees in Neuropsychology from Sarah Lawrence College and Nutrition Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Eva also has a breaking news alert about her Invisible not broken network on the show. Eva will have her website up soon at