2021-04-28 Woman Singing Electro Pop podcast from Magnatune

Woman Singing Electro Pop podcast from Magnatune.com show

Summary: Woman Singing Electro Pop podcast (2021-04-28) from Magnatune.com Song listing: ------------ 00:00 Artist: Curl Song: 04-Left Man Album: Shapeshifters URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/curl 05:41 Artist: Sun Palace Song: 06-Palace Welcome Album: Give Me a Perfect World URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/sun_palace 09:32 Artist: Lisa DeBenedictis Song: 02-Below Album: Tigers URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/debenedictis 13:03 Artist: Artemis Song: 02-Harbinger Album: Triptych URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/artemis 17:12 Artist: Neurobic Song: 01-I Decide Album: Disco Drama URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/neurobic 21:09 Artist: Curl Song: 03-Lunar Parks Album: We Are Complex URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/curl 26:47 Artist: Artemis Song: 09-September (Loving Eyes) Album: Sephyra URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/artemis 30:56 Artist: Sun Palace Song: 10-Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day Album: Into Heaven URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/sun_palace 35:32 Artist: Mercy Machine Song: 07-A Prayer Album: In Your Bed URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/mercymachine 39:31 Artist: Artemis Song: 10-Charming Gun (The Charmed Mix) - Erik Hawk and Bo Blount Album: Orbits URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/artemis 44:39 Artist: Artemis Song: 01-Auralei Album: Auralei URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/artemis 50:12 Artist: Artemis Song: 12-Spell Album: Of This Dirt URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/artemis 52:37 Artist: Lilly Wolf Song: 01-The Devil You Know Album: Play Loud URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/lilly_wolf 56:03 Artist: Panic Ensemble Song: 01-Imaginary Insects Album: A Different Story URL: http://magnatune.com/artists/panic_ensemble 60:06 closing credits --------------------------------------------------------------------------- All music played on our podcasts comes from http://magnatune.com More info: http://magnatune.com/podcasts/details/magnatune_woman_singing_electro_pop_podcast_2021_04_28 Podcast home: http://magnatune.com/podcasts/woman_singing_electro_pop Subscribe: http://magnatune.com/podcasts/xml/woman_singing_electro_pop.xml