Drive by Night Show #12

Drive by Night Show show

Summary: <p>Drive by Night Show is a drive around call in talk show.  Watch the show live on TikTok at  Thursdays from 8pm to 11pm central time.  Episode number 12 starts off  with a little DoorDash conversation.  Our favorite friend from Florida  calls and we continue the discussion on the job hunt.  We then get some  prank dial calls and they're always fun.  I'm then reminded that I need  to listen to the Morbid podcast.  We then shift to politics and hear a  conspiracy theory about how Trump will be back in office in August.   Bird Lady calls in and I feel like I'm being conned into volunteering at  a zoo but thankfully the conversation shifts to Christian Slater and  our favorite movies of his.  Some guy opens my passenger door during the  live stream and I yell at him.  I then get asked a thousand questions  from Maryland.  Bird Lady's partner in crime Frannie calls and I have to  hear more about the zoo and camel's and giraffes. The show then takes a  turn when a worker from the zoo in Tulsa, Oklahoma calls and tells  about putting a diaper on an orangutan for a thousand dollars and the  show is never the same, it becomes the focus until the end.</p> --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. <a href=""></a>