Ready To Stop Negative Thinking? (Here Is Your 5 Step Plan)

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Summary: What are your top 3-5 negative thoughts (thinking)? - What negative thoughts (thinking) do you have about yourself that you absolutely know is true?-Who are you because you believe it's true?-Who would you be if you didn't believe that?-How are you benefiting from your negative thoughts (thinking)? Here are the most common limiting beliefs most people have:(use these ideas as triggers to create your list of 3-5 top limiting beliefs you may have about yourself) 1.    Fear of Success:  If I'm more successful, I have to sacrifice:_______ 2.    Guilt for Success:  I have to be a jerk to be successful and it makes people dislike me.  Thus I then don't call my past clients.  3.    I can't do _____ because I'm a D/I/S/C. 4.   I can't quit my current job because: _______.  And I don't do that because I still have my job. Schedule A Free Coaching CallListen on iTunesListen on SpotifyListen on Stitcher