A Super Smiley Adventure - Episode 129 Emma Zen, the Zen Dog, Leads CNN Hero of the Year Nominee to Save Pets with 1000’s of Pet Oxygen Masks for First Responders!

A Super Smiley Adventure with Megan Blake - Pets & Animals on Pet Life Radio (PetLifeRadio.com) show

Summary: What if your dog were in a car accident or fire? Could First Responders save him? Come meet Debra Jo Chipuzio! Led by her Zen rescued dog, they were just featured in People Magazine, won a CNN Hero of the Year Nomination, And… recently received International recognition from Supreme Master Ching Hai with the Shining World Compassion Award for benevolently saving animals. What are Debra Jo and Emma Zen doing? They are donating 1,000’s of Oxygen masks to First Responders so they can save our pets when called! Emma Zen dog is absolutely leading Debra Jo and all of their rescued birds, pig, tortoise and pack on a Shining & Heroic Super Smiley Adventure!