Episode 378: Serena Jamison, Transgender Latter-day Saint

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: My friend Serena Jamison shares her journey as a transgender women. Serena is in her early 40’s, a convert to the Church, married with four children. She talks about her long-term journey with gender dysphoria and finally accepting herself in November 2019 as transgender. Serena helps us better understand our transgender friends and how their experience is real, authentic and often difficult (but necessary) in their journey to self-acceptance. Serena's current project is to interview transgender people to hear their voices and she posts these interviews at https://vopserena.medium.com . She can be reached via social media at @SerenaNoelle_ on Twitter, lcbtradesolution@gmail.com by email, and https://www.facebook.com/serena.jamison.22/. Thank you Serena for being on the podcast. You are awesome. Our church and world is a better place because of you and your contributions. Richard "Papa" Ostler ** Please Check Out My New Book At: ** Deseret Book: www.deseretbook.com/p/listen-learn-and-love-embracing-lgbtq-latter-day-saints Amazon: www.amazon.com/dp/1462135773