The S!ck D!ck Docs - Longer, Harder, Faster & Stronger w/ Doctors Nicole Eisenbrown & Lane Phillips

Casual Swinger - A Swinging Lifestyle Podcast show

Summary: We kinda hate the term "Erectile Dysfunction." It's emasculating when its used to describe men who just want to perform better in bed, whether its for their spouse or a consensually non-monogamous play partner. In our travels we met some folks who actually specialize in treatments that go well beyond what the typical Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis can accomplish. Meet the "Sick Dick Docs," Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown and Dr. Lane Phillips! We go deep on the biology that drives sexual health, the treatments they offer...and then Mickey goes under the needle himself to try out those treatments...LIVE! Join us and our new friends as we explore the world of sexual health and improving erectile function on this week's Casual Swinger!