Episode 358: Andrea Forsythe, Ministering to the Marginalized

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: My friend Andrea Forsythe bravely shares her story that includes a mental breakdown (or "break open" as she likes to call it), caused from mental health challenges exacerbated by continuously ‘hustling for worth’ as a woman in the church. Andrea talks about the path to heal from the pain and also how this pain/heartache has brought an awareness and desire to see, validate, and serve marginalized groups in our Church and society. Andrea has powerful insights on how we all can do better. Andrea, who hopes for changing in our church, stays a committed Latter-day Saint. You can connect with Andrea on Facebook at www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=660393956 or Instagram @andreasitterudforsythe. Thank you Andrea for being on the podcast. You are awesome and courageous. Our Church and society is better off with people like you in it bringing us together as the same human family!