'We Need A Little Christmas' - Season 3 Festive Finale

STAGES with Peter Eyers show

Summary: We've arrived at Episode 175 - our final episode in season 3 of the Stages podcast. It's been a monumental year and we've been able to navigate through it completing 68 conversations with artists, creatives and many dynamic roles, defining a score of stages and providing terrific insight to the business we call 'show'. It's no wonder we need a little Christmas! So to finish the year we are joined by some of Stages favourites, to shed some merriment and reminiscences of the Festive season - on stages and off. We'll hear some Christmas tunes and celebrate Saint Nick with Kate Fitzpatrick, Rhonda Burchmore, Ron Creager, Brian Castles-Onion and Geraldine Turner. The perfect company to accompany you as you wrap your presents, toast with egg nog and blast the air-conditioner on Christmas Eve. Thanks for your support of Stages through 2020. Have a jolly Christmas and a super New Year. We'll be back in March 2021. Catch you then. The Stages podcast is available from Apple podcasts, Spotify, Whooshkaa and where all good podcasts are found.