PODCAST: Biggest Centers of Influence, Past Client Marketing Mistakes. | Tim and Julie Harris

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Summary: When you listen to today's podcast you will learn exactly what you should be doing now to generate leads from your COI and PC list. You will be shocked to learn how ineffective most COI/ PC campaigns truly are. They are too complicated, too expensive and most critically, inauthentic. Don't worry, your solution is here. Listen now. To receive your free real estate and life business plan simply text 2021 to 855-685-1045. As always thank you for continuing to make Tim and Julie Harris’s podcast the number one listened to daily podcast for real estate professionals with over 10 million downloads real estate coaching radio is the must listen to daily show for anyone serious about the real estate career. Schedule A Free Coaching CallListen on iTunesListen on SpotifyListen on Stitcher