Episode 336: Dr. Debra Theobald McClendon, Scrupulosity Q&A

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: Dr. Debra Theobald McClendon, a psychologist who specializes in treating those with Religious OCD (Scrupulosity), joins us to answer questions about scrupulosity that were gathered from social media prior to the podcast. This is a great episode to better understand scrupulosity and help others who may be dealing with it—from one of the top experts in the Latter-day Saint community on this topic. In the podcast we talk about some available resources, such as her new online course with 6 hours of video lecture that covers scrupulosity research and treatment. Please see all of these resources at debramcclendon.com. Dr. McClendon is the author of two Ensign articles, covering anxiety and scrupulosity. For a good foundational introduction to our podcast topic check out: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/2019/09/young-adults/understanding-scrupulosity-religious-ocd In addition, Dr. McClendon and her husband, Richard J. McClendon, have co-authored a book on strengthening marriage: "Commitment to the Covenant: Strengthening the Me, We, and Thee of Marriage." Dr. McClendon has previously taught as an adjunct faculty member at both Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University. On a personal note, Dr. McClendon enjoys working-out, reading, mountain views, doing puzzles, reading to her kiddos, sitting on the deck in the evening with her hubby, and eating spicy garden salsa and dark chocolate with mint (but not together). Check out her online courses and other resources at debramcclendon.com. Thank you for being on the podcast Dr. McClendon and all you to do help and heal others!