Finding Your Passion ft. Andy Mant, Founder & CEO of BLUblox

Unsolicited Advice with Ashley and Taryne show

Summary: We are so excited to welcome Andy Mant, founder and CEO of BLUblox, to the show! BLUblox is an evidence-based eyewear company that makes stylish, advanced light-filtering glasses. He has a wealth of knowledge on the topic of light and how the right light can help one thrive, while junk light can deplete one's health, amongst other negative effects. Though Andy's story is inspirational, it's also based on logic, common sense, and hard work. If you're reassessing your current career or you've been thinking about finally starting up that side hustle, this episode is assuredly for you. Stay informed, stay safe, and stay healthy out there, folks! To check out BLUblox, go to: BLUblox is proud to partner with to provide reading glasses to those in need To follow Andy Mant: @IamAndyMant To follow Katie Mant: @KatieMant_ To watch our podcast videos on YouTube:  To send us your questions/stories, email us at:  Be sure to follow us on Instagram: @UnsolicitedAdvicePod Learn more about your ad choices. Visit