#20 - Research Driven Design - with Brandon Reynolds, Founder of Further.global

Users First - a UX Design Podcast show

Summary: Brandon is a User Experience Designer and founder of "Further.global", a website application for job seekers, recruiters and employers. Topics discussed in this episode today: ✔️ General assembly immersive program ✔️ Ways to document your learning journey in UX, gain exposure and get prospective employers attention ✔️ Events and online groups to join remotely ✔️ The design process behind the making of Further.global, a job seeking web application on its way to expansion. ✔️ The importance of Research when building a product Links mentioned in the episode: Further Global: https://further.global/ Brandon's journal: https://www.brandonreynolds.design/general-assembly-journal Brandon's Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonreynoldsdesign/ Diamond design process