Skimm Special, Part 3: COVID, Women, and Their Wallets

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Summary: Over the last few months, most of us have faced some sort of COVID-related lifestyle changes that have disrupted our everyday norms. On today’s Skimm Special, brought to you in partnership with Northwestern Mutual, we’ll hear from a Skimm’r contending with a drop in self-employment income after her counseling job went remote and her office sat empty. Managing new childcare expenses while making a career pivot hasn’t been easy, but she’s not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to making ends meet and still planning for the future. Whether it’s saving for a rainy day or setting competitive rates for our work, Northwestern Mutual financial advisor Nicole Stokes walks us through the value of keeping expenses in check even while aiming for the stars in our careers. On this episode, you’ll hear from:  Kim Wheeler Poitevien, Philadelphia-based counsellor and licensed social worker  Nicole Stokes, Northwestern Mutual financial advisor If you want to add theSkimm to your daily routine, sign-up for our free newsletter the Daily Skimm. It’s everything you need to know to start your day, right in your inbox.  Skimm'd by Ciara Long, Luke Vargas, Justine Davie, and Peter Bonaventure.