Negative Positives Podcast #332

Negative Positives Film Photography Podcast  show

Summary: <p>This week we welcome on Ethan Moses from the Homemade Camera Podcast and Cameradactyl fame (IG cameradactyl,,, Homemade Camera Podcast Facebook Group)!  Andre makes a print in his darkroom, Roxanna shares her experience with the virtual Polacon,  Mike makes a trip to Cleveland and visits the Cuyahoga National Park and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, also appears on  episode #133 of The Classic Lenses Podcast (IG classic.lenses.podcast,, and has his music used in a 1982 movie film titled "Revenge of Herman" by Michael Raso of the Film Photography Podcast (IG filmphotographyproject,, see the film and interview on the FPP's YouTube channel: FilmPhotographyPodcast).  Ethan talks about his new Mongoose scanning solution Kickstarter project (, the difficulties in producing a scanner for the film market and why digital camera scanning is probably the future.  Finally, we have a discussion on the basics of large format photography, the Cameradactyl OG, contact printing, paper negatives, and instant photography in large format via the new Lomo instant film back, and dive into why Ethan has dreams of Mike!</p> <p>Get Negative Positives swag at</p>