How to Vote this November // The Shadow Nation Rises 02

Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie show

Summary: This is the second installment in Eric’s series entitled, The Shadow Nation Rises. In this message he dives into the formation of the first godly national government. Ancient Israel, in 1445 B.C., will supply history with a governmental model that is still, in many facets, actively employed in today’s U.S. Constitution. It’s an amazing format for the governance of a large body of people. And yet, in and of itself, this wonderful governmental model is unable to save the people of Israel (then) or the people of America (now) from their sinful propensities. However, another government, a “second” government, was ratified on this Earth two thousand years ago by God’s own Son, Jesus. This “second” government is able to perform on behalf of its citizens, what the first government was powerless to accomplish.