CoasterBuzz Podcast #210 - October 31, 2011

CoasterBuzz Podcast show

Summary: Jeff, Carrie and Mike review this week's news in the amusement industry. Obligatory excuses about why we haven't had a show in a month and a half. As quarterly results come in for amusement park companies, the results just keep getting better and better. So how is it that the economy is allegedly so terrible? How did Six Flags realize a 44% boost in profit? The national tone toward the economy is so negative. From the tea bag to the occupy movement, no one actually seems interested in innovating or doing anything. Carrie talks about perspective: This ain't the Great Depression. Where did hamburgers come from? Mike is a Disney Kool-Aid® drinking freak. Jeff describes his drive back across the country. And his new drill. That thing can screw. PETA sues SeaWorld for slavery. The whales are apparently making keychains 20 hours a day for sale in the gift shop. Legoland Florida opened, and Jeff wants to go next year. Mike will skip it because his kids are princess freaks. Jeff finally understands why Disney has so many parades. His 20-month-old loved the Halloween parade at Cedar Point. Does anyone know the total number of boat rides inside the gates of Disney World's four parks? The cast is disappointed about the no-duel rule of Dragon Challenge at Universal's Islands of Adventure. Despite the gruesome accident, we hate that it can't just be chalked up to "bad things happen." Carrie gives a shout out to the staff of Dorney Park for the VIP tour service. Several parks out east have their seasons cut short because of the crazy Nor'easter storm that dumped snow on them. You can get the latest headlines on CoasterBuzz from the Twitter. Follow us @coasterbuzz. You can also like us on Facebook. CoasterBuzz Club is $25 per year. You can join or renew today. Enjoy CoasterBuzz with no ads.