COVID-19: Campaigning and Voting Amid a Pandemic | Episode 95

Our American States show

Summary: This podcast is one in a series NCSL is producing to focus on how states are taking action in response to the coronavirus pandemic. You can find links to podcasts, webinars and other resources at Elections in the age of the pandemic are getting a lot of attention lately, with much of the talk focusing on mail-in balloting for November. But there is a lot more than mail-in ballots to discuss, including election administration, cybersecurity, campaigns amid a pandemic, misinformation, turnout and more. And there are more than 6,000 state legislative seats on the fall ballot. Helping us sort out all the details is Wendy Underhill, director of NCSL’s Elections and Redistricting program. Coronavirus Resources for States Page Coronavirus and State Legislatures in the News NCSL Elections Program OAS Episode 95 Transcription